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...if you can! Your future best hugger (me, of course) is coming soon. Check out when I'll be there by typing your order number down here! See you soon my lovely friend!

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A Beary Question?

  Oh sorry,  I wasn't clear? Feel free to enter your information and ask your question. I will come back to you as quickly as a smile on a baby's lips!  

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Teddy's values

Once upon a time, two best friends, Aurore and Camille, were looking for a new way to say: I love you. Coming from different parts of the world, they thought it should be something you can always carry with you, wherever you are. Something that would feel as warm as a hug and that would always bring a smile on your face.So they created me, TEDDY ! I am gentle, fluffy and people told me that I am also very cute! Through me, each one of us can express their love and sweetness to one another.  The name I carry in my heart is the dearest of all! And even though I am not the most talkative bear you will meet, the love I...

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